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  • How much can you make from ads on a website?

    How much can you make from ads on a website?0

    At least $235 million in revenue is generated annually from ads running on extremist and misinformation websites, consistent with a replacement study from the worldwide misinformation Index provided completely to CNN prior its Sept unleash. which means the folks behind websites propagating hate or false data don’t simply have associate philosophical influence — they will

  • Why developers are always looking to learn new programming languages.

    Why developers are always looking to learn new programming languages.0

    The biggest motivators for developers in the workplace are revealed in a new report. The top priority for software developers across all experience levels is the ability to learn on the job. That was the finding of a new survey by technical hiring specialist Triplebyte, which polled programmers at more than 450 tech companies about

  • Sci-Fantasy and Technomancy

    Sci-Fantasy and Technomancy0

    Sci-Fantasy and Technomancy, also called technomagic, is a term in science fiction and fantasy that refers to a category of magical abilities that affect technology, or to magical powers that are gained through the use of technology. Mixing science fiction and magic can be tricky; if everyone in the world is capable of teleporting anywhere at anytime, it probably won’t make much sense

  • Malicious Python libraries targeting Linux servers removed from PyPI

    Malicious Python libraries targeting Linux servers removed from PyPI0

    A security firm found three malicious Python libraries uploaded on the official Python Package Index (PyPI) that contained a hidden backdoor which would activate when the libraries were installed on Linux systems. The three packages — named libpeshnx, libpesh, and libari — were authored by the same user (named ruri12) and had been available for

  • The Amish And Technology

    The Amish And Technology0

    During Lancaster County’s lush rolling mountains you can see the picaresque Amish farms that dot the landscape. The typical literary farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania has approximately 40 acres. The crops have a propensity to include tobacco, corn, alfalfa, and various grains. The Amish have been known since some of the finest farmers in the

  • Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp DOWN

    Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp DOWN0

    Tens of thousands of users have complained that the apps and websites will no longer load content, including statuses, photos and videos. WhatsApp users say messages aren’t sending or receiving though text is still going through, and #instagram down is trending on Twitter. At this point, it’s unclear what might be causing the issue. In